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Investment Fees: Is Your Portfolio Being Feasted Upon?

What many investors don’t realize is that what was depicted in the movie ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ is frighteningly close to reality.

Here are America’s Richest Immigrants in 2019

They came, they came, they conquered. And one of them once worked as a janitor in a grocery store!!

Forget Debt Snowball, Pay Off the Ugliest Debt First

Don’t blindly follow the experts. Follow what’s best for you. But you can’t go wrong with paying the ugliest debt first with a vengeance!

Why You Should Never Invest in a Life Insurance Policy

Besides the complexity and permanence, one thing permanent life policies have in common is they all stink. Here’s why.

How to Ruin Your Investment Portfolio (Part II: Technical Analysis)

Technical Analysis is mostly BS, but here’s a technically analyzed strategy that does work.

How to Ruin Your Investment Portfolio (Part I: Day Trading)

This series serves as a “How-NOT-to” guide to investing. We’ll cover strategies that you’ll never EVER need to employ to build wealth.

The No. 1 Destroyer of Wealth is Divorce

Out of the most feared and dreaded D’s in life, there’s probably nothing more devastating to your finances than divorce.

Lessons from the Most Popular Posts of 2018

The most popular articles of 2018 that were published here on Millionaire Before 50 and the lessons we can learn from them.

Don’t Make a New Year’s Resolution, Start a Plan

A specific plan is way better than just making a new year’s resolution. And there’s no better time to do it than the start of the year.

Stock Market is like Climate Change: Keep your Eye on the Man, not the Dog

Neil deGrasse Tyson explains why meteorologists suck at predicting the weather. Well, professional stock pickers suck more!

Give cash on Christmas day. There’s no greater gift is there than cash.

As a responsible giver, you should minimize wasteful spending.

Stupid money mistakes my smart neighbors make (Part I: Private Schools)

My smart neighbors are so dumb with their money I had to write this blog series.

Stupid money mistakes my smart neighbors make (Part II: Car Payments)

At the risk of being forever castigated by my neighbors, I’ll continue with Part II to talk about their stupid car payments

Is it Time to Buy Bitcoin or just Laugh at the Suckers who are Holding onto It?

Should you be a buyer or a seller of the cryptocurrency? Let’s discuss a little background then discuss some pros and cons.

Rebalancing your portfolio is like going to the dentist

Just like your visits to the dentist, your portfolio needs a regular checkup.

Cars that I’ve driven and the lessons that I learned from them

Reflection on what I have driven in the past and how much they have cost me in total.

What 20 years in America has taught me about money

Today is my 20th year anniversary living in America– the land of milk and honey…

What Rihanna can teach you about liability insurance

Baby, ‘cause in the dark, you can’t see shiny cars.
And that’s when you need me there. With you, I’ll always share.

This sheet tells you when to get out of the shithole

Break free from that messy, stinky, abominable, frightful cubicle of yours without bribing your boss.

When the Lender is a Slave to the Borrower

Why loaning to family or friends is never a good idea.

Why would successful people commit suicide?

Why the heck would Robin Williams, Kate Spade, and Anthony Bourdain kill themselves ??

Calculating Warren Buffett’s Rate of Return (and what you can learn from it)

Why you should invest in stocks and re-invest the dividends