Visualizing the Wealthiest and Poorest County in Every State

This map shows the wealthiest and poorest county in every state in the U.S.

Why frugality is an important part of personal finance

Here is why frugality is an important part of personal finance.

It’s easier to reduce lifestyle expenses than it is to increase investment returns.

Often the biggest financial returns come from controlling your lifestyle, not from earning insane investment returns.

How to Save a Ton of Money with Some Upfront Preparation

Here are five examples of frugal tasks where doing prep work ahead of time will save you a ton of money.

What I Learned from Jack Bogle

Jack Bogle, the legendary founder of Vanguard, passed away yesterday at age 89. Here are a few things Ben Carlson learned from him.

Buy Low, Buy High

Here is how dollar cost average investing has performed since 1999…

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Larger Market Declines Usually Lead to Stronger Recoveries

Some of the strongest market recoveries occur after the largest declines.

How Running an At Home Daycare Changed My Life

First-time parents stagger under the weight of learning to care for their first child. We were no exception.

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Dave from Accidental FIRE shares how he road his bike more than he drove his car in 2018.

Does FIRE Make Life Harder?

Chris Mamula shares five challenges that he and his wife underestimated once they achieved financial independence.

Five lessons I learned while making a documentary film about FIRE

Scott Rieckens shares five lessons he learned while making a documentary film about FIRE.

Why Less Is More and Bigger Isn’t Better

Here is why less is more and why bigger isn’t always better.

Get Rich, Then Move. Why high cost of living is a dumb excuse.

Avoid the high cost of living trap by simply moving elsewhere!

Top 50 Places to Live in the U.S. Based on Income, Expenses, and Job Growth

Here is Money’s top 50 places to live in the United States.

6 Lessons From The First 6 Months of Retirement

Fritz shares 6 lessons from his first 6 months of retirement.

Think Of Your Decline In Net Worth As A Loan

When your net worth declines, just think of it as giving a temporary loan to Mr. Mark E’tdecline…

Money is Not The Goal, Time Is

You can always find ways to make more money, but you’ll never get back the time you are trading for it.

How to Retire Happy with Lots of Money

The stories of early retirees living the good life, traveling the world and loaded with cash has warped our worldview.

Debt: A Love Story

One couple shares the brutal details of their life in the grip of an epic cycle of debt.

An Extra Helping of Gratitude Goes a Long Way

Expressing gratitude doesn’t usually include Black Friday shopping.

How I Track Investment Returns

A free investment returns tracking spreadsheet.

Earn Like a Boss, Spend Like an Intern

To grow the gap between your earnings and spending, earn like a boss and spend like an intern.

This is What you Take Home from a $100K Salary in America’s Biggest Cities

Here is what you actually take home from a $100k salary in the largest city in each state.