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Momentum Series Interview – Moneylogue: Empowering Your Mind To Financial Freedom

Excited to welcome Moneylogue to the Momentum Series today to chat personal finances, financial freedom, mindset, blogging and more.

How to Generate Income from Rental Property

Read about this couple in their early 30’s that has increased their net worth by more than $1 million in five years thanks to real estate.

Your Money Blueprint: Young Debt-Free Families Interview

Learn how Nick at “Your Money Blueprint” is living as a Young Debt-Free Family in this inspiring interview series by Financial Pilgrimage.

Best Books For Twenty Somethings: 10+ Great Books On Money And Life

Here are 10+ great books on money and life I wish I could go back and deliver to help my younger self. Which books would you choose?

Sunday Sharing Vol 26

The best posts from the week!

Interview with Side Hustle Extraordinaire, Scott from Making Momentum

Learn about how Scott has used the skills he developed at his job to create a successful, profitable side hustle

Momentum Series Interview – DollarSprout: Helping Millions With Personal Finances

Jeff shares his financial journey, turning DollarSprout into a 7-figure business & road to reach millions of readers looking for PF advice.

25+ of the Best Coupon Sites and Apps to Save Money

List and descriptions of sites and apps that make it easy to save money with coupons.

February 2019 Portfolio Review

A review of the latest month of returns on my portfolio including my top 5 holdings in each account!

Improve Financial Literacy: 7 Great Free Money Education Resources

Access to information & the ability to share that information more efficiently has made improving financial literacy a feasible opportunity.

28 Ideas for Free Romantic Dates

Forget about spending money! Most people want to feel young, fun, attractive, appreciated, and loved. That’s what makes a perfect date.

Curator’s Corner, Vol. 11

A curation of the best personal finance content I find each week which might be relevant to you.

Weekly Roundup – Momentums Finest On Saturdays VOL 52 [Feb 9]

Volume 52 features 13 blog posts and 5 podcast episodes covering a variety of topics on personal finance and personal development.

9 Signs You’re Living Above Your Means

Having financial problems and living beyond your means is pretty normal these days, it you don’t have to live that way.

The Amount You Invest Often Matters More Than the Returns You Earn

Here is the data that shows why the amount you invest often matters more than the returns you earn.

Great Canadian Rebates Review: Best Credit Card Sign Up Bonuses

If you’re Canadian & an avid credit card churner, Great Canadian Rebates is an easy way to score $50-$100 cash back to offset annual fees.

How to be in the top 5% in anything

Being in the top of your field is possible. It takes time, patience and a ton of effort.

The Future-Optimization Framework: Financial Freedom Book Review (Chapter 13)

From just getting started to building micro and macro habits while finding proper time to chill, this chapter is a blueprint.

Financial Freedom Chapter 4 Review – Where Are You Now?

Like any journey in life, in order to know how to get from point A to point B, we must clearly define point A. Although most of us understa

15 Tiny Houses You Can Buy On Amazon

What doesn’t Amazon offer? You can even buy Tiny Houses!

How to Make Money as an Airbnb Host

This article/interview shows how one couple is offsetting part of their mortgage payment with a simple Airbnb side hustle

Financial Freedom Book Review: Live A Rich Life On Your Terms

Financial Freedom is the perfect blend of being a comprehensive guide to build wealth & motivational tool to living a rich, fulfilling life.

Sunday Sharing Vol 24

The best posts from the week!