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Stop Wasting Money – 11 Bad Financial Habits To Stop To Help You Save More Money

Every dollar you stop wasting can go towards your more meaningful financial goals.

How To Make $500 Fast: 17+ Quick, Real & Easy Ways To Make Money When You Need Cash Fast

Ideally you’re building a long-term business or scalable side hustle…but sometimes you just need cash quick as a student or young adult.

Best Of Making Momentum In 2018 – Top Posts In Year One

Since hitting publish on Feb. 19th, 2018 to launch the site I’ve published 166 posts. Here are some of the “best” from that bunch.

Momentum Series Interview – Millionaire Dojo: Training Your Mind & Finances

Nathan from Millionaire Dojo stops by to share his financial journey, tactics to make money on eBay, top financial resources & much more.

40+ of the Best Personal Finance Podcasts: Money, Investing, Financial Independence and Side Hustle Shows

Updated to roundout 2018 with 40+ shows covering money management, FIRE, side hustles, investing & more. Get that playlist set! Merry Xmas.

Weekly Roundup – Momentums Finest On Saturdays VOL 45 [Dec 22]

Happy Holidays! Volume 45 features 12 blog posts and 6 podcast episodes covering FIRE, goal-setting, getting out of debt and much more.

Momentum Series Interview: Cody from Fly to FI – Carving Your Own Path To Financial Independence

Cody shares his financial journey, how he’s carving his own path to financial freedom, highlights his entrepreneurial efforts and much more.

40+ Money Saving Hacks: How To Save Money Each Month In Your Everyday Life “65% of Americans save little or nothing and #1 reason for not saving more is expenses”. So why don’t we try to change that?

Momentums Finest On Saturdays VOL 44 [Dec 15]

This week’s Momentums Finest features 12 blog posts and 4 podcast episodes covering FI, budgeting, simple living, the Holidays & much more.

Momentum Series Interview – Budget Kitty: Taking Control Of Family Finances

Mike from Budget Kitty stops by to share his financial journey, insights on everyday money experiences, single income family finances & more

Travel Hacking 101: 70+ Tips & Tools To Help Travel Hackers Save Money

A travel hacking 101 resources guide – an encyclopedia of 70+ tips and tools to help you save money and explore this amazing world.

Weekly Roundup – Momentums Finest On Saturdays VOL 43 [Dec 8]

Volume 43 features 11 blog posts and 5 podcasts episodes on FIRE, personal finance, side hustles, personal development and more.

Momentum Series Interview – Your Money Blueprint: Roadmap To Financial Freedom

Nick from Your Money Blueprint shares his financial journey, getting into money coaching, experiences blogging and much more.

How To Eat Organic Food On A Budget: 6 Quick Tips To Eat Healthy & Save Money

Some quick tips and tricks to get started on simple ways you can include organic food in your next trip to the grocery store.

Weekly Roundup – Momentums Finest On Saturdays VOL 42 [Dec 1]

Featuring 11 blog posts and 5 podcast episodes from around the PF/FI community covering all areas of money and personal development.

How To Make Money From Your Phone For Free: 35+ Apps & Easy Ways

You won’t get rich but there are dozens of apps/services to make a few extra bucks on your commute or down time.

Momentum Series Interview – Amanda of Why We Money: Balance & Financial Independence

Amanda of Why We Money shares her financial journey, thoughts on FI and balance, top money resources and much more.

Best Personal Finance Podcast Episodes: 25+ Must Listen Pieces Of Financial Advice

From money management, investing, side hustles, FIRE, career growth, general personal finances and more.

25+ Apps, Tools & Services To Save Money, Make Money, Manage Money & Invest In Canada

The powers of FinTech and growth in access to digital products has created a great collection of Canadian money apps.

Momentum Series Interview – The Finance Twins: Simplifying Personal Finance For Everyday People

Camilo, one half of duo behind The Finance Twins, stops by to share his financial journey and more.

Best Udemy Courses: 55+ Great Online Udemy Courses For Millennials, Entrepreneurs & Motivated Learners

Udemy houses over 55,000 online courses for personal and professional development. Here are 55+ of the best.

Momentum Series Interview – ESI Money: Early Retirement, Real Estate & Rockstar

John, the man behind ESI Money and now Rockstar Finance, retired at the age of 52 with a $3.2 million net worth.

13 Great Motivational YouTube Videos To Get Inspired For Success & Take Action

Sometimes a quick speech or interview can do wonders for inspiration. Whether it’s shifting your mindset or pushing you.

9 Beginner Minimalism Tips To Start Simplifying Your Life

One area I’ve been focusing on recently is the opportunity to simplify my life. Decluttering both the physical & mental.

30 Small Wins Challenge – Make Momentum With Your Money And Life

Some easy and actionable tasks that will benefit you and/or those around you – the 30 small wins challenge.