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Here are 10+ great books on money and life I wish I could go back and deliver to help my younger self. Which books would you choose?

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Access to information & the ability to share that information more efficiently has made improving financial literacy a feasible opportunity.

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Volume 52 features 13 blog posts and 5 podcast episodes covering a variety of topics on personal finance and personal development.

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If you’re Canadian & an avid credit card churner, Great Canadian Rebates is an easy way to score $50-$100 cash back to offset annual fees.

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From just getting started to building micro and macro habits while finding proper time to chill, this chapter is a blueprint.

Financial Freedom Book Review: Live A Rich Life On Your Terms

Financial Freedom is the perfect blend of being a comprehensive guide to build wealth & motivational tool to living a rich, fulfilling life.

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Celebrating 11 personal finance bloggers (and podcasters) of the Great White North who are producing engaging and insightful content.

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Whether you’re a student or working professional, the combination of your skills, experiences, assets and time can help you make more money.

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