How Many of the Six Factors of Wealth Do You Have?

Do you have what it takes to be wealthy? Here are the six factors you need to possess to build a large net worth. Rate yourself!

The Golden Rule of Building Wealth

Yes, there is *one thing* you can do to build wealth, but it’s not easy and it’s not fast. If you master it, though, wealth is yours.

A Year of Good Money: A Digital Fast

What does a digital fast have to do with getting better at money? I’m turning off social media to find out.

8 Ways to Save Money on Summer Camps

Here are the top 8 ways to save on summer camps this summer! These are my best frugal, tested ways to entertain my kids in summer.

Hate Your Job? Don’t Worry; You’re Not Wasting Your Time

Are you stuck in a lousy job situation? Don’t worry; these aren’t actually wasted years.

How to Run Your Own Race

Here are five ways to stop the FOMO and stay in your own lane with your financial management and goals. No one else can live your life!

How We Stacked Financial Wins to Increase Our Net Worth

We started out slowly to FI. It took us 18 months to pay off debt. But ten years later, we’re enjoying a large net worth.

Are You the 1%?

The top 1% in the world may look different than you think. If you make more than $33,000 per year, guess what? You’re global 1%.

Changing Your Kids’ Money Emotions

Kids pick up on their parents’ money worries and anxieties. So how can we give our kids healthy money emotions around money?

The Best Souvenir You Can Bring Back from an International Trip

Looking for the perfect souvenir to bring back from your trip? Here’s one you can find in almost any country, anywhere in the world.

Setting Better Goals for 2019

Want to do a better job on goal setting this year? Set goals that you’ll actually achieve, and change your behaviors along the way? Read on.

Combatting the Mid-Winter Blues

Are you battling cold temps, gray days, and rain or snow? Here’s what we do to combat the mid-winter blues without spending a fortune.

5 Lessons I Learned from Changing Careers in My 30s

Thinking of changing careers? It can be rewarding, but there’s a steep learning curve & lots of humility involved in learning something new.

What Will Tank Your Frugality, Fast

We consider ourselves money-wise. But occasionally, all our hard-and-fast money rules fly out the window. Here’s when & what we do about it.

How Other People Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Sometimes you need a bit of outside help to keep you on track for those big financial goals. Here’s a list of the people who can help!

The i401K: Your Best Friend as an Independent Contractor

Are you an independent contractor? Then you should consider opening an i401K–read this post for all the details on how to do it painlessly.

5 Ways to Save Up Money for Travel

Got the travel itch? Here are five ways we’re saving up a travel fund so we can go to Spain this summer, or just be ready for the next trave

On Staying Married

The messy, humbling, and hard business of staying married can feel thankless, but for me, it’s critical for my longterm happiness.

50 Ways to Become More Frugal

If you could replace just one speedy habit per quarter with a more frugal one, you’d have four new frugal habits per year!

A Frugal Reputation Pays

How and why should you develop a reputation for frugality? I’ve worked on it for 8 years and here’s what it’s given me.