Working 9 to 5

After a year off, I’m going back to the grind. How did I make the decision to go back to work full time?

How to Travel When You’re Saving for Financial Goals

Book travel while in the middle of a large financial goal, like paying off debt? Here’s why you can, and should, travel at the same time.

Wanna Be More Frugal? Try Under-scheduling.

Why doing less is ultimately so much cheaper and more rewarding.

Which College Major is the Best Return on Investment?

With average student debt rates climbing ever higher, it’s time to pay attention to our return on the college investment.

Effort, Achievement, and FI

Small, consistent, daily effort really does matter more, over time, than huge big changes. Daily effort eventually equals FI.

What It Feels Like to Forget It’s PayDay (and How to Get There)

Do you live for your next paycheck? We did too, until we figured out the budgeting hack that would allow us to forget when it’s payday.

The Non-Frugal Guide to FI

Okay, all you non-penny pinchers. This post’s for you!

What I Learned After a Month of Digital Minimalism

I vowed to give up electronics for 30 days. What happened? Here’s how I realized how much social media was sucking my life dry.

5 Proven Hacks to Combat Anxiety

Do you suffer from anxiety? In our house, it’s pretty common, so here’s a list for tried and true methods to combat it.

How I Pack My Carry-On For the Week

As a semi-minimalist, I’ve pared way down. So how do I pack my carry-on to go on a trip? Here’s everything I bring and what I leave at home.

7 Free or Cheap Activities for Kids This Summer

Looking for fun, free ideas to keep your kids entertained this summer? Here are 7 of my favorites to have fun and keep costs down.

April Net Worth

How’d we do this month? A huge jump in net worth, thanks to the markets and a stock “gift.” Here are the details.


With a siren song of more bombarding us from every quarter, how do we settle into the ordinary daily routine that makes up a life?

Our Switch to an HSA: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Switching to an HSA plan has not been without some hiccups. Here’s how it really went–good, bad, and ugly.

Our Secret Weapon Towards Financial Independence

We have a secret weapon that helps us spend less, save more, and enjoy more. It takes practice, but it’s made our lives so much richer.

5 Ways to Decrease Food Waste

Did you know that reducing your food waste is the number 3 best way to reduce global warming?! Here are my top tips to avoid wasting food!

How Many of the Six Factors of Wealth Do You Have?

Do you have what it takes to be wealthy? Here are the six factors you need to possess to build a large net worth. Rate yourself!

The Golden Rule of Building Wealth

Yes, there is *one thing* you can do to build wealth, but it’s not easy and it’s not fast. If you master it, though, wealth is yours.

A Year of Good Money: A Digital Fast

What does a digital fast have to do with getting better at money? I’m turning off social media to find out.

8 Ways to Save Money on Summer Camps

Here are the top 8 ways to save on summer camps this summer! These are my best frugal, tested ways to entertain my kids in summer.

Hate Your Job? Don’t Worry; You’re Not Wasting Your Time

Are you stuck in a lousy job situation? Don’t worry; these aren’t actually wasted years.

How to Run Your Own Race

Here are five ways to stop the FOMO and stay in your own lane with your financial management and goals. No one else can live your life!

How We Stacked Financial Wins to Increase Our Net Worth

We started out slowly to FI. It took us 18 months to pay off debt. But ten years later, we’re enjoying a large net worth.

Are You the 1%?

The top 1% in the world may look different than you think. If you make more than $33,000 per year, guess what? You’re global 1%.

Changing Your Kids’ Money Emotions

Kids pick up on their parents’ money worries and anxieties. So how can we give our kids healthy money emotions around money?