Growing my money – is it too late to start investing in my 40s?

Is it too late to start investing in my 40s? The same principles apply but my insecurity leads me to diversify greatly in my investments

Will my money last till I die?

An elderly lady asked me this very question! We are living longer and the probability of me needing aged care services as I age is very high

Is being a self confessed foodie compatible with achieving FIRE?

I never knew how much I spent on food until I started tracking my expenses … Can a self confessed foodie achieve FIRE?

The frugal gene bypassed me – my struggle with fugality

My parents and grandparents were frugal. I am not. Why do I struggle with frugality? How can I overcome it?

Run your own race, one step at a time

Being on the FI journey is a lot like running – where are you on your journey – the start, middle or end?

What is my progress towards 2019 goals? First quarterly review

How was your first quarter? Did you pursue non financial goals as well as financial ones?

Travel – is it self indulgence or self care?

I love travelling. But have felt guilty spending money on travel since pursuing FIRE.

Is waiting to reach FI BORING?

I get bored easily … what do you do when all your financial stuff is automated and now you WAIT for compounding interest to do its thing?

How I reduced my electrify bill – by installing solar panels

What have you done to reduce your electricity bill? Installing solar panels has by far the biggest impact on mine

Pursuing FIRE as a single

I am pursuing FIRE as a single – is that a disadvantage?

Why 40s is the PERFECT time to pursue FIRE

Is there a perfect time to pursue FIRE?

Sinking fund – do you need one?

How many accounts do you have? You may need one more – a sinking fund – for big annual bills and unplanned home maintenance bills