Keeping Up With The Bulls

I am in the technology industry and recently started a personal finance blog focused on investing, side hustles and smart spending.


Quick and Easy Trader Joes Dinners

For all the nights you don’t have time to cook and you don’t want to spend much money- quick and easy dinners from Trader Joes

How to Start Saving Money

All it takes is a change in mindset to begin your savings journey. Jumpstart your savings with these tips and tricks.

Host a Bridal Shower on A Budget

Being a bridesmaid is expensive! 8 tips on how to save money hosting a bridal shower

Save Money at Bridal Showers

Weddings can be expensive, but there are ways to participate without breaking the bank! How to save money at bridal showers

Smart Spending

No matter how frugal, you’ll always have some expenses. How do you get more bang for your buck?

How to Start Investing in Startups

Want to invest in a startup? What you need to know before you make your first investment and how to get started.

Refer Your Network and Make More Money

Many companies have employee referral programs that offer bonuses if your referral gets hired

How to Book A Nice Vacation For Less

You don’t need to stay in hostels to spend less on vacation. Tips and tricks for spending less on flights, lodging and more.

Do You Want to Invest in Private Companies?

First you need to know if you’re an accredited investor. Learn the criteria and how to reach that status faster.

Why You Should Attend a Women’s Conference

What to expect, outcomes the data shows and best women’s conferences to attend.

Meal Prep Ideas to Save Time and Money

Tips and healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes to help you meal prep and save money

5 Ways You Are Wasting Money

This list highlights how to spend less money on travel, food, clothing, presents and transportation.

Tax Benefits of a 529 Plan

A 529 plan is a tax-advantaged savings plan to encourage savings for future education investments.

Employee Stock Purchase Plan

Are you enrolled in your ESPP? If your company offers this and you’re not, you’re leaving free money on the t

4 Ways To Maximize Your 401(k)

The limit for 401(k) contributions this year is $19,000. Learn 4 ways to help you reach the max limit.

5 Little Known Health Insurance Benefits

Did you know yoga may be covered by your health insurance? Learn about fitness reimbursements and more.

Automate Your Savings

Learn how to pay yourself first and automate your savings by leveraging payroll direct deposit