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What is Diversification? The Detailed Definition.

Learn what diversification is, how to measure diversification, and how to build a diversified investment portfolio of index funds.

Should You Invest in Company Stock in Your 401(k)?

Investing in company stock in your 401(k) has more cons than pros. Learn why you should avoid this strategy, and what to do instead.

What To Do Before Maxing Out 401(k)

If you can max out your 401(k) you definitely should, right? Not always. Learn what you should do before maxing out.

How to Calculate Net Worth

Learn how to calculate your own net worth, and get a FREE calculator to help you keep on a pulse on your finances ongoing.

Investing the Lazy Way

Investing with a lazy portfolio is a situation where being lazy can actually yield positive results…

Good Reasons to Use Multiple Credit Cards

Deciding to use multiple credit cards is not a black and white decision. There are good reasons to use multiple credit cards, and bad ones t

How are Credit Scores Calculated: A Beginner’s Guide

Learn the basics on how credit scores are calculated – there are five easy-to-undertand components that make up your credit score.

Health Savings Account Rules: What to Know

Get the basics on health savings account rules so you can start taking advantage of this awesome savings account and its perks today.

Equal Weight Index Funds Overview

Learn about equal weight index funds and if they are superior to their popular market cap weighted counterparts.

The Best Online Brokers for Index Investing

Learn how to find the best online brokers to buy index funds – potentially saving you hundreds of dollars per year.

FREE Rent vs Buy Calculator

Ever wonder if the math is in your favor to rent or buy a home? Take the guesswork out of the numbers-based decision.

What is the Right Investment Account to Use?

Get the basics on investment accounts to understand when you should be using various account types.

The Best Brokerage Accounts for Index Investing

Check out some of the best brokerage accounts for index investing – offering low fees and a wide variety of options

Investment Vehicles: What are Your Options

Get the basics on the various asset classes and investment vehicles available to you.

Step by Step Guide to Index Investing

Learn how to start index investing in just 5 easy steps and take control of your investments today.

How Much is an Expense Ratio Really Costing You?

What is an expense ratio, and how to stop it from costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Step by Step Guide to Investing with Charles Schwab

Check out this step by step guide to start investing with one of the leading brokers for index funds and ETFs

When to Use a CD or Money Market Account

Check out the pros and cons of CDs and money market accounts compared to traditional bank accounts

Online Banks vs Brick and Mortar

The differences, including pros of cons, of choosing an online bank vs brick and mortar bank.

Best Bank Accounts in 2019

From checking accounts to high yield savings account, check out some of the best offerings in 2019.

Guide to Every Type of Credit Card

Check out the comprehensive guide that gives details on every type of credit card available – to help find the best card for you.

The Best Premium Credit Cards for Every Day Use

Check out the best annual fee credit cards that will give you the most bang for you buck.

A Beginners Guide to Index Investing

A comprehensive and high level guide to index investing, including the pros and cons of this strategy.

The Best No Annual Fee Credit Cards 2019

Looking for a great everyday credit card? Check out some of the best free options.

Building a Budget from Scratch

Not everyone needs a budget. Learn more to see if you do, and if so, how to build one.