Van Life: The Economics and Trade-Offs

There’s Instagram hashtags, then there’s reality. Does life on the road pay out?

Keeping up with the Insta-Joneses

The comparison trap with the Insta-Joneses is a thief of joy and a thief of pay checks.

Reader Case Study: Maximize Adventure or Career?

You don’t have to dumpster dive to live the dream. Here’s how.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Early Retirement Needs

Some might suggest that once you’ve reached this pinnacle of no longer being bound to a cubicle, there’s little else you need…

How to Optimally Spend Money to Buy Yourself More Time

Smart spending decisions to buy back time.

The Benefits of Alternative Schooling

As you might have noticed: I’m a stone cold weirdo and I suspect that the unique variety of schools I attended has something to do with why.

Visualizing the Financial Well Being of U.S. Households

Some charts on the financial well being of U.S. households.

Finding Your Purpose after Retirement or Financial Independence

How to find purpose after meeting your big financial milestones.

Salary Negotiation: Make More Money, Be More Valued

A complete guide on salary negotiation.

My Wife Deserves a $2M McMansion

“What I think my wife wants, and what she actually wants, are two very different things.”

Putting it All Together: Cheap Travel!

Hopper is a great app – Download it now!
I love this little app. Before a coworker turned me on to it, I’d been relying on

Fatherhood & Feminism: How My Stay-At-Home Dad Helped Me Dream Big

Stay-at-home parents take on massive workloads for little thanks. So I want to take a second to thank my dad for everything he has done.

The Barbell Strategy for Buying Quality Stuff

The barbell strategy for stuff: buy the very best-in-class for a small set of items; buy the cheapest possible version of everything else.

Stop Comparing Yourself Financially

Stop comparing yourself financially especially as a young adult.

8 Ways to Save Money on Summer Camps

Here are the top 8 ways to save on summer camps this summer! These are my best frugal, tested ways to entertain my kids in summer.

How Blogging Helped Me Appreciate My Profession

When I started working in ad agencies right out of college, I believed that their goal was to help get the word out about awesome products.

How We Paid off 57,000 in One Year

How we went from paying minimum payments to $57,000 in one year in student loans.

Communicating an Early Retirement

“I went and disclosed to my boss on Friday that I would be quitting on Monday and not only quitting, but turning in a retirement notice…”

How to make better Big Life Decisions, Part 3: Scenario testing for fun and profit

In Part 3, we’ll take a look at how to test the scenarios you’ve come up with and set yourself and others up to play devil’s advocate.

How Life Has Changed Since Becoming Mortgage Free

How would it feel to be mortgage free? Here’s what our family has been up to since paying the mortgage, and what’s next for us.

Two Paths to Doubling Your Income

Should you change companies frequently to make more money or stick it out with one employer for a long time to cash in?

Inspiring Reads: March 2019

This month I was inspired by readings about decisions we make in our career, doing meaningful work and, of course, pursuing FI.

The 4 Kinds of Side Businesses You Can Start

Justin Mares outlines the four kinds of side businesses you can start to increase your income.

When Spending Money Equals Happiness

An excellent example of how certain expenditures can increase happiness and quality of life.

7 Lessons and 2 Mistakes From My First 3 Months of Early Retirement

Adam from Minafi shares lessons learned and mistakes made in his first 3 months of early retirement.