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What you keep

It isn’t what you make, but what you keep that determines your wealth. How does income influence asset allocation?


It is human nature to seek out shortcuts, but pursuing easy answers may have unexpected consequences. Dividends, capital growth, or both?


Poor investment choices can cost an investor years of their life, requiring them to work for far longer than necessary.


Returning to the working world after a semi-retirement is always challenging. How do we manage the inevitable reentry problems?

Left behind

Inequality breeds discontent and a feeling of being left behind. Silence is different to acceptance, yet prosperous people don’t protest.

Abandon ship

What would you do if you had to evacuate with little notice, and could not return home again?

Grand design

A step by step case study walking through the process of finding, and financing a self-funding cash flow positive investment property.

almost exactly wrong

Many Personal Finance bloggers deploy wishful thinking and self-delusion to track their finances. Here is how to do it properly.

Conflict of interest

Employers trade-off profitability and employee best interests. Pensions and health care are particularly vulnerable to this conflict.

Spectator sports

Renting buys flexibility and avoids accountability, but at a cost of forgone home equity accumulation. Think long term, and choose wisely.

The lies we tell

Calculating your annual net worth and savings rate? Will you analyse and learn from what they have to tell you? Most won’t!

FIRE extinguisher

I have observed a sense of malaise and disillusionment with elements of the FIRE “movement”. What is causing it? What has changed?

What do you do, when you do what you do?

Successful investors develop self awareness by understanding their drives and motivations when decision making.

Financial Planning

Traditional financial planning focuses on the “how”, but fails to consider the “what”, “why”, and “when”. This approach does both.

Opportunity Cost

The higher up the corporate ladder you climb, the less actual work you do. Yet the value of your contribution increases markedly.

Coders of Finance interview series – { in·deed·a·bly }

HaltCatchFire discusses finances, technology, and backstories with FI bloggers with tech backgrounds.


How do you teach children about money? My deviously simple yet effective system worked nicely, but also produced some unexpected outcomes.


Do you see the world as it is, or as you would like it to be? Is your perception of what is normal supported by evidence and backed by data?

Healthy, wealthy and wise

Recording, monitoring, analysing, and acting on well-informed data-driven decisions has helped many areas of my life.


Financial Independence requires the earning of a reasonable income. Without it, FI is just a dangerously oversold dream.


Pay attention to emerging trends and threats to your livelihood. This helps to mitigate fear and ensure survival.

Interesting, yet irrelevant

What would you do if you only had 10 years to live? That is the topic of today’s thought experiment.

Dreams versus Reality

Want to know the FIRE movement’s dirty little secret? Sometimes early retirement is the problem, not the solution.


Is it true that only 1/3 of the population work full time? How about 50% of the population not working at all?

How I Money

A detailed walkthrough of how { in·deed·a·bly } organises his personal finances.