Grokking Money

I am a millennial dad, husband, IT Guy and a money enthusiast who is trying to understand the nuances of personal finance. I write about building better money habits which can help transform your relationship with money and change your life.


Broken Window Theory And Why It Matters To Your Financial Well-being

The habit of looking at purchases as simple monthly payments encourages your mind to think short term

How To Evaluate A 401(K) Plan?

Given the tax advantages a 401(K) plan offers, it’s no surprise that it is being used by Americans as their de-facto retirement vehicle.

Why You Should Not Rollover Your 401(K) In To A Traditional IRA?

If you have moved between jobs, one of the most common questions you have encountered is “What should I do with my 401(k)?”

A Step By Step Guide To Landing Your Dream Job

When it comes to building wealth, a lot of people in the personal finance community will suggest you to focus on increasing your savings.


I have an uncanny knack of complicating things. I often equate complexity with sophistication. Anything worthwhile has to be complex.

How To Make 2019 The Best Year Of Your Career Ever

An average American spends near 40-50 hours every week at work. Hence it makes a lot of sense for you to focus on how to excel at your job.

Why Do You Want To Achieve Financial Independence?

We spend an awful lot of time trying to win the approval of people around us. Our desire to be accepted by others never ceases to exist.

Pay Off Debt or Invest?

Winning is a very intentional act. You don’t accidentally become a world champion. It takes a lot of sacrifices, determination and hard work.

2018 – The Year That Changed Our Personal Finances Forever

For most of my adult life, I had very little to no knowledge of how money works.

Why Shaming People For Their Money Habits Is A Bad Idea

Have you ever looked at your decisions in the past and wondered, “What was I thinking?” It’s very easy to beat yourself up for being stupid.