Born in the 70s, a married home owner in the NYC suburbs with a young child and an engineering degree. I talk about finance and my astronomy hobby.


Years to Retire Table Generated by a Python Program

I’ve adjusted my timeline to retire Python generation code to account for taxes on the money I will withdraw.

More 5G Cell Network News and Internet Service Implicactions

I am really starting to get excited about the idea that we might actually, finally, get competition back in the ISP market.

Are High Efficency Appliances Worth it? – Sometimes

Efficiency can be expensive and end up costing you more money than you might save.

A quick look at my Charity Loans

A quick look at my loans going back 12 years where I am one of many helping people help themselves.

How Do You Quantify the Value of Hobby Time

This post is about me rekindling my woodworking hobby. I love spending my time making things or at least engaging my creativity.

A Duke University Study About the Minds of Savers

This is a small study out of Duke University about how different savers and non-savers are.

March FIRE Update

This is the summary of the last month and our financial status. New charts with more on the way.

Snow Blower vs Hiring a Plow

I talk about why I use a snow blower unlike most of my neighbors and how much I have saved doing it.

I Just Converted my 30 Year Mortgage into a 15 Year

I explain how and why I in effect I converted my 30 year mortgage to a 15 year.

5 Financially Wise NFL Players

Here is the story of 5 NFL players who are doing it right

4 House Bills for Retirement

One of these 4 bills is a good idea, and the other three are not.

A Case for Home Automation

A Case for a WiFi Home Automation Light – A WiFi light is a welcome addition to my home while using 0w of power when the light is off.

February FIRE Update

This post will show you where I am at, and in it I discuss the major topics from my last month.

New Streaming Options, and 5G, 10G and SpaceX 5G

New Streaming Options, 5G, and 10G Coming Soon Plus SpaceX 5G – 2019 is going to be a great year for those of us who want more options!

Thoughts about REITs for Property Exposure

I talk about my thoughts on why I prefer REITs to other methods to get exposed to property.

Do I pay off my Mortgage

I review the numbers and my options.

Home Assessment Change, Good News or Bad News

My town reassessed the value of my home. I discuss my thoughts on why it’s both good and bad news.

My Binoculars, Broken by a Coworker, Do I push for Repayment

I loaned a coworker my astronomy binoculars which they broke but did not admit to breaking when they returned them.

The Power of Commercials

My thoughts on the power of commercials now 2 years after cutting the cable cord, and I no longer watch them.

Tesla Model 3 is a Luxury Car, not an Economy Car

The Tesla Model 3 is a wonderful car, but it will not save you money to buy one. It is an amazing vehicle to drive.