Born in the 70s, a married home owner in the NYC suburbs with a young child and an engineering degree. I talk about finance and my astronomy hobby.


Do I pay off my Mortgage

I review the numbers and my options.

Home Assessment Change, Good News or Bad News

My town reassessed the value of my home. I discuss my thoughts on why it’s both good and bad news.

My Binoculars, Broken by a Coworker, Do I push for Repayment

I loaned a coworker my astronomy binoculars which they broke but did not admit to breaking when they returned them.

The Power of Commercials

My thoughts on the power of commercials now 2 years after cutting the cable cord, and I no longer watch them.

Tesla Model 3 is a Luxury Car, not an Economy Car

The Tesla Model 3 is a wonderful car, but it will not save you money to buy one. It is an amazing vehicle to drive.