Gentlemans Family Finances


What I learnt from my Dad’s early retirement (aged 60) Part 1

a bit of GFF family history and a guide to the future

Putting things in perspective

Some thoughts on work and life after a month off work on paternity leave

FIRE Health: the Diabetes epidemic

With diabetes on the rise and GFF not the healthiest – is the modern office droid sleepmunching into diabete and what can be done about it?

Stories from London: Conspicuous Consumption

If you’re bored of London, you are probably broke.
Observations from a 6 mile trek across London.

Steps in the right direction

moulding our portfolio to position ourselves for FIRE – how it’s done, what we’re doing and how it’s going.

6 family friendly tax reduction techniques (UK)

How you can save money and reduce tax as part of a family – some easy, some more difficult but all work.

6 Family Friendly Tax Reduction Ideas

Family finances can be a struggle but there are advantages to being in a solid relationship with someone you trust. (UK focused)

A FIRE argument for the LISA (UK related)

another look at the Lifetime ISA as a FIRE vehicle – 25% bonus and tax-free at 60 but 25% penalty for early access. Is it worth it???

Lenten Pledges: Phone free weekends

Screens, phones and tablets can distract us from everyday life. What’s it like giving it up for Lent and focusing that energy on family?

Month-end Accounts: February 2019

The slow and steady march to FIRE continues.

Ready, Aim, Fire: Bye bye Mary Poppins

The challenge of childcare from a family and FIRE perspective.

If I lost everything

thought experiment.
how I’d react to losing everything I have.

How to put out a FIRE? Use Liquidity

The risks, rewards and frustrations with illiquid investments and FIRE planning

How to Survive a Bear Market Attack

Some helpful tips to avoid being mauled by the markets this Christmas!

Stocks and Shares, more like Shocks and Scares?

some reflection on a volatile week in the markets and how this relates to FIRE

Scandinamiable: my Nordic lifestyle love affair!

a quick post admiring the Nordic model and way of life. – from someone who’s lived and traveled a lot in Scandanavia but lives in the UK.

How I learned to stop worrying and love the Calm

Growing older? Growing wiser? Growing richer? Growing a belly?
Post on learning to relax and appreciate what makes life good.

The Best Thing about Business

The glitz, the glam the joy of the jet-set?
See the good and bad sides of business travel

November month end report – assets and spending

a quick report on how we are keeping spending down, investing our assets and includes a few neat graphs.

The best thing about business travel?

The ups, downs and turbulence of business travel on a family man