Frogdancer Jones


Sometimes you’ve just got to do it now.

Notre Dame made me realise a simple truth – without going YOLO, there’s a balance to be had.

I travel – so why do I love Staycations?

The beauty in simply staying at home…

Create – don’t simply consume.

Making stuff, writing things, dancing, acting, painting – humans are inherently creative. Let’s do more of it!

The Freedom Ring.

The story of an engagement ring – twenty + years after the divorce.

Full Circle

It can hit you between the eyes when a simple moment can make you see how far you’ve come.

The Single Advantage.

While many people feel that being single makes the road to FI much harder, I beg to differ.

All… or nothing at all.

Most people blogging about FI are at the beginning. Here’s a different perspective.

The scariest financial decision of all.

Other people’s experiences can catapult you straight back into your past…

How did I go on the ‘No Spend’ days this year?

A quick look at the handy-dandy chart I use to track my spending. It’s a way to make my spending far more intentional.

The FU Fund Gets Brought To The Table.

Yes, ‘FU’ means what you think it does. A weird thing happened at the work Christmas party…