Four Pillar Freedom


Buffett’s 10/10/10 Rule For Making Financial Decisions

Training yourself to make good financial decisions happens one thought at a time.

Visualizing Financial Literacy Rates Around the World

This map shows financial literacy rates in different countries around the world.

Here’s How the S&P 500 Has Performed Since 1928

Here is how the S&P 500 has performed since 1928…

7 lessons I learned from my biggest financial mistake

I have a story I’m a little embarrassed to share, but one that some may be able to relate to or learn from…

Twins on the Way: Should One of Us Quit Our Job?

Should one of us quit our job to take care of the twins? Or should we both keep working until we’re FI?

The Shockingly Scary Difference Between Healthy FIRE and Unhealthy FIRE

What’s the difference between healthy FIRE and unhealthy FIRE?

3 Simple Questions That Will Change Your Money Mindset

Three questions that will help you reduce spending in the big three areas – housing, transportation, and food.

Why don’t Americans save?

A new report from the Center for Financial Services Innovation says that only 28% of Americans are financially healthy.

3 Simple Portfolios: How Investing like a Minimalist Can Maximize Your Results

The more I think about it, the more I like how much minimalism applies to investing.

36 Short Lessons on Life, Work, and Money by Sam Altman

Sam Altman shares 36 life lessons he learned by age 30.

Here’s How Much You Must Earn Over Your Lifetime to Become Financially Independent

This grid shows how much you must earn over your lifetime to achieve F.I.

What Doesn’t Seem Like Work?

What seems like work to other people that doesn’t seem like work to you?

The Occupations Expected to Grow the Most (and Least) by 2026

Here is how occupational employment in the U.S. is supposed to change by 2026…

U.S. Household Income Brackets and Percentiles in 2018

These charts show the U.S. household income brackets and percentiles in 2018.

Is Net Worth the Wrong Metric to Track?

Perhaps net worth is the wrong metric to track…

Infographic: Here’s How to Become a 401(k) Millionaire

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to strike it rich with a lucky stock pick to become a 401(k) millionaire.

Visualizing Asset Class Returns Since the Year 2000

This visual shows the annual returns of 11 different asset classes since the year 2000.

The secret anxiety of the upwardly mobile

“Children who do better than their parents often must choose between blending in and standing out.”

What We Own and Why We Own It: 2018

JL Collins shares what’s in his portfolio.

16 Different Ways to Invest in Real Estate

There’s more than one way to invest in real estate…

Mark Manson on 7 Ways to Change Your Life

Author Mark Manson shares 7 ways you can change your life.

Here’s How Different Stock/Bond Allocations Have Performed Since 1926

These charts show how various portfolio allocations have performed since 1926.

Diversification Means Saying Sorry

“One of the oldest adages in investing is to diversify.”

Some thoughts on how to handle the current state of the stock market.

“Despite our best efforts, no one can reliably predict when the next bump in the road will come.”

Will Robots Take My Job?

This neat tool shows how likely it is that robots will take your job based on your occupation.