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7 Reflections On My First Year Blogging // A Peek Behind The Curtain

In honor of this blog’s first birthday, let’s get into the details. We will touch on the milestones, the crazy days, some stats, and a Q&A.

It’s Time To Skip The ‘Must-Sees’ And Do This Instead.

Must-sees have been reduced to social currency, and are overhyped to justify the cost to our time and our wallets.

Ask FM: Should I Pivot Into a Career In Tech? If So, How?

People Wonder: Should I break into tech?
If they decide it’s something they want to do, the next question is how?

Guest Post: What My Other Half Thinks of FIRE

Mr. Mechanic joins us again today with an extra special guest post sharing his views on FIRE as an outsider looking in.

7 Reasons You Need to Stop Riding Your Bike To Work

Next time anyone tries to tell you how ‘awesome’ and ‘freeing’ it is to ride– tell them they have been brainwashed by Big Bike’s agenda

KonMari With A Twist– When Sparking Joy Doesn’t Work

Ultimately, I want to find my ‘enough,’ and by looking at the heap of clothes on the bed, it is clear that I have more than enough.

How I Spend $108 A Month on Groceries and Eat Like A King

We eat like kings, but it does not cost much. These five tricks help us keep our spending down.

The Side Hustle That Cost Me $2,000

Much like a dog, a side-hustle may seem fun and easy to care for, but if you are not prepared, the reality may come back to bite you.

Fatherhood & Feminism: How My Stay-At-Home Dad Helped Me Dream Big

Stay-at-home parents take on massive workloads for little thanks. So I want to take a second to thank my dad for everything he has done.

You Flipped the Script

People will keep trying to tell you what to do next. What will make you successful. What you can buy to make your life more enjoyable.

My Work Optional Life (and Giveaway!)

I thought I knew what I wanted in life; this book helped me visualize the details
The point is to define what we want in life first, t

How to Make Your Significant Other Hate FIRE

Some tried-and-true methods to get them to stop listening to you, ignore all of your advice, and make them second guess being with you

4 Busted Myths About Women and Money

it’s time to call bullshit on four myths about women and money.

Review: Side-Hustling with Wag

Wag! is the uber of dog-walking, and I tried it out to write this review. Warning: lots of dog pictures ahead!

On Love and Money—The Mechanics of Shared Finances

I was wondering what to write this week, but I could not think of a topic for love or money. Then it hit me– love and money!

You Are The Chicken And The Egg–  6 Steps to Crack Success

The egg is unremarkable; people pass by without a second glance. Yet one day, it cracks open…

A Fiery Millenial’s Money Diary

Gwen from Fiery Millenials tracks a week of her life in DC. Where did her $120 go?

Beware of the Compare

There will always be someone who makes more, accomplishes more, hustles more, or starts a really successful folk band while you’re failing

What Happened When I Had An Unlimited Food Budget

Would I order the expensive steak every night? Would I ever tire of the Market Choice fish or the Chef’s Special?


Asking for a raise or a promotion can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.

Ostrich to Hawk – My Money Management Evolution

There are two ends of the money management spectrum: the ostrich and the hawk. Which one are you?

Confessions of a Frugal Fraud

It is impossible to ignore the lack of certain line items on my expense reports (like Internet and Netflix) so what gives?

Top 4 Most Regrettable Purchases

We all have those things that make us wonder, “Why did I buy that?!” Whether it is an item that underperforms or just never gets used…

Complete Spending Breakdown of 2018

See how I spent 20k in 2018, complete with graphs and an overview on each category!

4 Things Successful People Do – But I Don’t (and what I do instead)

If I don’t develop these habits, am I willfully deciding to be less successful? Here are 4 things we are ‘supposed’ to do, that I don’t