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How Our 5 Cats Helped Us Become Mortgage Free

Here’s the story of our five cats and what it has to do with becoming mortgage free. #5cats #mortgagefree

Young Debt-Free Families Interview with NextGen Wealth

This is the 5th interview in Financial Pilgrimage’s Young Debt-Free Families series. This week we feature Clint at NextGen Wealth.

How to Actively Support Financial Literacy in your Community

April is Financial Literacy Month. Here are 4 ways to get out from behind your computer and support financial literacy in your community.

How Life Has Changed Since Becoming Mortgage Free

How would it feel to be mortgage free? Here’s what our family has been up to since paying the mortgage, and what’s next for us.

Location Independent in Three Years: The Three Year Experiment Interview

Learn how Laurie and her young debt-free family became location independent in three years.

6 Tips to Make Money from Garage Sale Flipping

Looking to make extra money? How about buying items at garage sales and flipping for profit? Check out these 6 tips to get started.

Grokking Money: Young Debt-Free Families Interview Series

This week we are featuring a blogger from Grokking Money in our Young Debt-Free Families interview series. Enjoy!

Why I Hate the 30 Year Fixed Mortgage and You Should Too

The 30 year fixed mortgage is the most common home loan in the US. This post shares the downsides and what you should do instead.

Your Money Blueprint: Young Debt-Free Families Interview

Learn how Nick at “Your Money Blueprint” is living as a Young Debt-Free Family in this inspiring interview series by Financial Pilgrimage.

Why Do Married Couples Need a Joint Bank Account?

Despite traditional advice, my wife and I have kept our bank accounts separate. This is the processed we’ve used to stay on the same page.

Young Debt-Free Families: Featuring Marc from Vital Dollar

Young Debt-Free Families features debt pay down stories from others across the web. Our first interview is with Marc at Vital Dollar!

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University Review

Have you heard of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (FPU)? This article provides a review of the course based on our experience.

My Journey Back to Church After a 15 Year Hiatus

Are you turned off by church? For a long time I was as well. Here’s why I went back to church after a 15 year hiatus.

Kitchen Remodel Cost: How We Doubled our Budget

Here’s how we doubled the budget on our kitchen remodel. Check out the pictures for the outcome!

Financial Advice for Young Families

This post provides advice that every young family should know about personal finance. Check it out!

Be Inspired to Leave a Legacy

What legacy do you want to leave behind when you’re gone? Here is my grandparent’s story.