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Pay as You Earn (PAYE) VS. Revised Pay as You Earn (REPAYE): Is one better than the other? What are the pros and cons of each?

Very complicated topic. Why do the names have to be soo similar? Considering using PAYE or REPAYE to pay off your student loan.

Retire at 42 with This Cash Flow Plan – Better than budgeting

Cash flow plan helps you budget better while investing and saving at the same time. Click if you want to retire at 42.

How We Paid Off $55,000 Debt In 4.5 Years On A Low Income | Spills Spot {5 Strategies We Used}

My wife and I paid off $55,000 of debt to reach debt freedom. Being debt free and building wealth is an incredible feeling.

75 Personal Finance Blogs To Diversify Your Financial Literacy

Here are 75 personal finance blogs to help you on your way to financial independence. It’s a Buffet!

Empower Yourself Through Financial Freedom

Financial independence is very freeing. Here are 9 steps to motivate you.

How To Overcome Your Fear Of The Bear Market

Learn how to overcome your fear of the bear market by learning from an actual encounter with the grizzly bear in the wild.

How To Calculate Your Net Operating Income

Never lose money again. Learn how to quickly evaluate a real estate property.

10 Simple Tips to Have Perfect Financial Health in 2019

We are empowering young professionals to achieve positive financial health. Here are 10 simple steps to achieve an awesome financial health

Budgeting Tips For Families – Frugal Doctor’s Wife Perspective

Click here now to get the frugal doctor’s wife perspective on personal finance and family budgeting. No other way than for both couples to b

What Does A Guru Investor Know About Getting Out Of Debt

A Guru investor, the Millenial Mob, showed us how to get out of debt like a debt slaying ninja.

5 Life-Changing Ways To Save Money In The Kitchen

Regardless of your financial goals, here are five ways you can get intentional and save money in the kitchen and on groceries today.

Become A Millionaire With This Secret Of The Wealthy

It is your duty to discover how rich people do it. Find out why the first million is the hardest and how you can be a millionaire.

5 Types of Income The IRS wants You To Know

5 Types of income the IRS wants you to know before filing your income tax

How We Paid Off 30 Years Mortgage In 4 Years

This is a motivational interview for those who want to get out of debt quickly. Vital Dollar showed us the secret to wealth.

Use This Compound Interest Calculator To See When You Will Hit Your First Million

Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world. Check out our compound interest calculator to see it in action live!! Millionaire time!

Bizzare Truth About The rule Of 72 That Was Hidden From You

The rule of 72 was all a lie. The actual number was short of 72. I have worked out the proof os the actual number. Check this out.

How I Paid Off $600,000 debt Despite The Worst Divorce Of All Time

In our get out of debt series, this is a serious one from xrayvsn. He had a devastating divorce and still managed to get out of 600k debt.

Cash Is King – How To Calculate Cash on Cash Return On Your Real Estate Investment

Cash is king they say. Never lose money on your investment again. Learn how to calculate cash on cash return quickly

Quick Review Of The IRS Tax Changes In 2019

You are leaving money on the table if you are not up to date with IRS changes.

How To Live Below Your Means In 7 Easy Steps

It is a well-known fact that most Americans cannot afford a $500 surprise expense. Live below your means to avoid being a statistics.

6 Tips To Save Your $1000 Emergency Fund Fast In 2019

We have all heard of the Dave Ramsey Baby steps. The first $1,000 emergency fund is where the action starts. Here are 6 ways to save it fast

18 Tips To Save Money In College You Wish You Knew Sooner

We all know the high cost of education is annoying to us all. Here are ways to save and make money to offset that cost.

3 Fund Portfolio – The Efficient Investment Strategy For Lazy People

Are you a lazy investor? Today is your lucky day. This 3 fund portfolio will make you lazy rich. Simplify your investments.

How I paid off almost $300,000 in student loan after 6 months of starting my real job.

How I paid off almost $300,000 in student loan. Here are 7 tips that helped me achieve this.

Everyone Focus On Love , Focus On Finance Instead For A Lasting Marriage

There is nothing better for both couples to be on the same page financially.