The Bridge That Led Us Here

A look at the parallels I’ve experienced finding voices I want to hear with both music and personal finance.

Our Student Loan Self-Insurance Plan

Our thoughts on building up savings by reducing student loan payments and making a lump sum payment when savings > remaining debt balance.

2018 Review and 2019 Goals

A look back on what was accomplished in 2018 and looking ahead to what can be done in 2019. Hopefully paying off another $160k in debt!

Income vs. Spending Divide

The divide between personal finance writers whose views are that either increasing income or decreasing expenses is the expedient path to FI

Thank You Debt

An acknowledgement that debt wasn’t our enemy on our journey. It was a tool. One that we’re grateful for.

Net Worth Exceptions Part II: Planned Expenses

I look at things beside our home that we exclude from our net worth.

Net Worth Exceptions Part I: Excluding the Home

Why we choose to exclude our home from our net worth calculation – if you can call it that. . .

How we’re paying off over $500,000 of student loan debt

A look at how we planned on attacking over $500k of student loan debt to pay for dental and graduate school.

In Another Life

A look at how our financial life might have turned out had we not had the spark to get interested in personal finance.

An Extra Dollar for La Croix

An observation to not underestimate the impact of small decisions that are within our control.

How Meaningful is Debt to Income for Recent Graduates?

A review of whether debt to income ratio is a good metric to determine one’s ability to repay massive student loan debt.