Debt Discipline


5 Ways to Use the Internet to Get Out of Debt

Sit down and relax in the comfort of your own home while you work a side gig to get out of debt.

When Your DIY Projects Don’t Go As Planned

DIY Projects are not something new. In fact, the phrase “do it yourself” has been a staple in the English language for well over fifty years

Debt is a Four Letter Word

If you are living with the fear and uncertainty of debt, make a plan for your money, ask for help, and stop using the four-letter word.

Am I Frugal-or-Cheap?

Are you Frugal or Cheap? Is a question I’m trying to answer myself. I take a looking at three-factors to try and help determine what I am.

Could you Cover an Unexpected Bill in Cash?

Could you cover an unexpected bill of a $1000 in cash? What approach would you take to try to improve your cash saving?

How to Pay Off Debt on a Low Income

Tips on how to pay off debt from someone who successfully paid off over $200,000 using these same tips and a little discipline.

Want your Kid to Grow up to be a Millionaire?

Want your Kid to Grow up to be a Millionaire? You might be surprised at the best career path to achieve this status.

Powerball – Smaller Jackpots, More Winners

We have all daydreamed about winning the Powerball. Would you be okay with a smaller jackpot if it increased your odds of winning?