Debt Discipline


Am I Frugal-or-Cheap?

Are you Frugal or Cheap? Is a question I’m trying to answer myself. I take a looking at three-factors to try and help determine what I am.

Could you Cover an Unexpected Bill in Cash?

Could you cover an unexpected bill of a $1000 in cash? What approach would you take to try to improve your cash saving?

How to Pay Off Debt on a Low Income

Tips on how to pay off debt from someone who successfully paid off over $200,000 using these same tips and a little discipline.

How to Get Out of the Habit of Debt For Good

Debt is one of those four letter words that most of us know but often don’t use in conversation.

Money Lies that Keep You Poor

11 Money Lies you need to overcome to be successful with your money.

Want your Kid to Grow up to be a Millionaire?

Want your Kid to Grow up to be a Millionaire? You might be surprised at the best career path to achieve this status.

Powerball – Smaller Jackpots, More Winners

We have all daydreamed about winning the Powerball. Would you be okay with a smaller jackpot if it increased your odds of winning?