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How to Make Money With Airbnb

I’m still just a little paranoid, but am now mostly excited about the early retirement wealth that’s achievable with Airbnb.

Happiness is Being Your Own Boss

If you’ve got a good boss, you’re likely to like your job. If you’ve got an a-hole sitting across that desk, watch out.

Simon Says: Work Hard, Be Patient

Simon Sinek. The one guy who might convince you to keep your day job and tuck away those grand notions of early retirement.

The Airbnb Experiment: Results Are In!

VRBO isn’t the devil after all. The Airbnb Experiment concluded in December with pretty good results. We made about $14K in net revenue….

Why You Should Never Retire

Is it taking the easy way out to retire early? Am I simply giving up?

How to Survive Your Cubicle Job Years

Funny (and troubling!) that college doesn’t prepare you for this cubicle ordeal in any way, shape, or form.

How Preparing for Early Retirement Makes You a Better Employee

The benefits of pursuing FIRE are not just monetary. It’s not just about reaching financial independence or early retirement.

Why Shopping Feels So Good (Retail Therapy Exposed)

The transition from turkey to tinsel and eggnog was ON. $100 on a stuffed reindeer, twinkle lights, a fa la la pillow, two craft beers ….

Why You Don’t Need a Hair Transplant

This post is all about how your lovely author almost, for a New York minute, thought about pursuing a hair transplant.

How Much Money Should You Save in Your 401K?

First off, let’s make a big, fat Suze Orman-like assumption that you’ll want to have a tidy sum of $2M saved up…

How to Create Your Tribe… AT WORK

This article explores the crazy notion of work as a viable place to make good friends and lasting relationships.

How to Survive a Cold, Dark Winter

Since winter started with a sudden, unexpected blizzard on October 14, I don’t have much time to crack this nut.

How to Avoid Boredom in Retirement

Congrats! You got to the finish line. Crickets. For many, this is the reality.

What Are the Alternatives to Early Retirement?

I’m fighting some cold feet. Keen to learn about the alternatives to early retirement.