The value of revisiting the totally obvious

Here’s how questioning the obvious can speed your path to FI as well as providing much-needed variety to keep things interesting.

Steering vs. sliding

There is real joy in taking the wheel for big life choices – even if they turn out to be wrong.

How to make better Big Life Decisions, Part 4: I’m the decider

In the final post in the series, we’ll discuss how to MAKE a BLD, and determine whether I should move to NY from SF (spoiler: I did)

How to make better Big Life Decisions, Part 3: Scenario testing for fun and profit

In Part 3, we’ll take a look at how to test the scenarios you’ve come up with and set yourself and others up to play devil’s advocate.

How to make better Big Life Decisions, Part Two: Mapping the terrain

In Part 2, we’ll discuss how to build decision maps to broaden our understanding of the short-and-long-term impact of our decisions

How to make better Big Life Decisions, Part 1: An introduction

Some choices change your life, yet most never learn how to make them well. Here’s the decision-making primer you didn’t get in school.

Your free time doesn’t have to earn money to be profitable

I propose we take a longer-term view of the popular “profitable leisure time” concept.

What a forgotten Nobel Laureate can teach us about the path to FI

In 1922, Sinclair Lewis wrote a chilling cautionary tale for those pursuing FI. Here are three key things he wanted you to remember.

Finding hidden gems, optimizing your rental situation, and beating impatience: Q&A with A Purple Life

In this wide-ranging interview, APL discusses how to deal with impatience on the path to FI and the small change that saved her over $3400

Three key FI takeaways from the viral “30-somethings” New York Times article

30-somethings are increasingly reliant on their parents for support. Here’s how to build a huge margin of safety before you get to your 30s.

The Weekly Wrap – 3/3/19

This week’s wrap features excellent articles from A Purple Life, Savvy History, and features music from Now, Now

Funding an obsession

Music has been an obsession of mine for as long as I can remember. Here’s how to prioritize your budget to fund YOUR obsession.

Question everything

Managing a deeply held desire that just doesn’t make financial sense requires you to re-evaluate everything you know bone-deep.

The Weekly Wrap – 2/24/19

The latest roundup of amazing articles from around the FI community to start your week

10 FI bloggers share how they overcame adversity

Many in the FI community have overcome long odds to pursue financial freedom. Embracing the underdog role can get you there faster.

Marginal utility and the pursuit of FI

The diminishing marginal utility of income is heavily discussed in FI. Applying the same idea to saving can make you happier.

The Weekly Wrap – 2/17/19

Here are the best things I dug up from across the internet this week, including beautiful music by Phoebe Bridgers

Avoid these four common mistakes to maximize the life in your years

Life is long, but we waste a lot of it. Avoid these four common habits to reclaim months of your time every year.

From zero to $250,000 in six years

How I managed to save more than 40% of my income living in three of the most expensive cities in the world.

Combat the urge to compare

The next time jealousy rears its ugly head, destroy it with these four simple questions. The unpleasant feeling won’t last long.

The FI lie I tell most often

When asked, I say I don’t have any money-saving tips. Truthfully, there is one: make saving money a part of your identity

Four life-changing lessons from a 109-year old book

What one tiny old book taught me about intentional living, compounding gains, and the pursuit of financial independence.

It’s bonus season – how to avoid giving yourself the shaft

For some of us, January is bonus season. It’s the largest chunk of money we’re handed all year – so how do we make the best use of it?

Show me your morning routine and I’ll tell you how you are with money

Your morning routine is the difference between being broke and retiring early. Here’s how to make yours work for you.