Chasing FIRE with Insurance

Insurance. Wait!! Don’t go just yet, hear me out on this, I promise this is not a tutorial on what type of long-term care insurance you…

Chasing FIRE: Progress Update #2

This is the second post in a series where I share my family’s progress towards Financial Independence (FI).

Interview with Daily Cup of FIRE

Today’s post features an interview with a fellow coworker/blogger friend of mine over at Daily Cup of FIRE. It’s been fun going down this…

Chasing FIRE: 2018 Goals Recap

It’s time to see how things went with my goal setting activities here at Chasing FIRE over the past couple months!

True Wealth Can’t Be Seen

Who is better off financially – the household with a large 6,000 sq. ft. house and two brand new vehicles in the driveway, or the one with..

Chasing FIRE: Goals for the Week

Yep, it’s that time of year when I tend to eat WAY TOO MUCH FOOD, with a very unhealthy portion of calories attributed straight to sugar.

Random Thoughts – 1st Edition

There’s a lot going through my head right now, so here are some of those random thoughts floating around.

Republic Wireless Review: Over 4 Years In

If you are striving for Traditional FIRE or Flexible FIRE, a key ingredient to your long-term success is…

Flexible FIRE Follow-Up: Your Ideal Day

As a follow-up to my most popular post to-date, I want to dig in a bit deeper with another dreaming exercise: Your…

Chasing FIRE: 30 Days In

Well, that flew by! Just like that, Chasing FIRE has been live on the internet for 30 days. It has been a rewarding…

Flexible FIRE

Although typical FIRE (Financial Independence/Retiring Early) gets all the attention and accolades these days…

About Me

About Me page from my blog (!

Why Vanguard?

By now you may have noticed that I’m a big fan of Vanguard when it comes to choosing a company to invest your…

Game Changer

This will undoubtedly be one of the most important blog posts I write for newcomers to the FIRE movement…

Dream Big My Friends

I’ll set the record straight right now so you aren’t left wondering: I’m a dreamer.

For as long as I can remember…

Running Away, or Towards Something?

4:10 a.m. this morning, the alarm goes off…