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Financial Independence Score Directory

Directory of FI Scores of those who completed the FI Score Test [FIST]. Have a nosey around and see where others are on their journey to FI

Daring to Dream: Financial Independence vs. Childcare Costs

How is financial independence possible with childcare costs?

Maternity Leave for Men: Tips for dads on paternity leave

“I don’t think this is spoken about enough, especially from a man’s perspective…it’s unnatural for people to always be living life on high

“Multi-millionaires and still have to make choices.” ~ John’s story

John is a multi-millionaire. His family has never earned a salary of more than $100k but have managed to be FI in his 40s. How?

Cash-strapped introvert? How to make extra money working from home

“Some of these ideas might fit in perfectly with your already busy schedule or your personality. Be mindful of the trade-off between time..

Should I charge my child rent? (the pros and cons)

With inspiration from the Twitter poll I did recently. This post goes through my thought process as to whether we will charge our kids rent.

Being a 1% – Guilt and keeping it real when making a ton of money

“Money is such a powerful thing. It has the ability to break up marriages and change even the most strong-minded of individuals…”

The Morning Brew vs. Finimize – Financial News Summarised for Busy People

I hate mainstream news. If you want to get rid of the crap only want the key highlights which matter in under 5 minutes.