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Universal Basic Income; Socialist Pipedream or the Answer to Automation?

Universal Basic Income has the potential to thread the needle between embracing automation while preventing inequality from getting worse

Can your House tell you how much Money You’ll need to Retire?

According to the 30% rule if you have a house worth $500,000 you will need $3.75 million to retire.

Could Debt Trigger the Next Recession?

It could be any combination of household, government, and corporate debt.

Where I Agree & Disagree With Suze Orman

20 Personal Finance issues where I agree or disagree with Suze Orman

The Brillance of Netflix’s Business Model

An Introduction Into Scalability & Horizontal Supply Curves

Why You Need an Emergency Fund Even if you are in Debt

If you have a strong emergency fund set up, your chances of staying out of debt are much higher.

Call & Put Options Explained

And Why I Stay Away From Them

What Financial Moves Should you Make the day you Retire?

And which moves you should make WELL BEFORE retirement

A Proposal for a Global Tax on Capital

The latest policy proposal to deal with economic inequality comes from Democratic Senator from Hawaii, Brian Schatz proposing a 0.1% tax on

What is “Classical” Economics?

“Classical economic theory was brought into the mainstream by Scottish economist Adam Smith”

Golf: A Complete Waste of Time and Money That is Destroying the Planet

Do you like hot takes and dislike golf? This story is for you

Will Inequality Cause the Next Financial Crisis?

“A working paper from the San Francisco Federal Reserve has shown that income inequality is a predictor of an impending financial crisis

What is Fat FIRE?

Financial Independence for the Privileged

What the “Pharma Bro” Can Teach Us About Economics

What Perfectly Inelastic Demand & Imperfect Competition in the Pharmaceutical Industry Looks Like

What is Supply Side Economics?

“‘Supply-side economics’ AKA ‘trickle-down economics’ is the economic theory that states production is the most important factor in driving economic growth.

How Amazon Could Disrupt Wall Street

Amazon is built on a history of disruption. Financial services could be the next industry they turn on its head.

What is Crocodile Investing?

Rather than investing all your money in the stock market when stock prices are at all-time highs, you wait for an opportunity that provides

The Six Characteristics of “Perfect Competition”

A large number of price-taking firms with no significant market share highlights the fact that a perfectly competitive market is the exact

Why Investing Even a Few Dollars a Month is Worth It

“time is one of the most important investing variables. Even if you only have $25 per month to invest, use time to your advantage.”

What is a “Bubble”?

What are Bubbles and how are they formed?

What Is The Rule of 72?

Breaking down the Rule of 72 and some of its useful applications.

Your House IS an Asset

Nit-Picking rich dad poor dad.