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Does My Pension Make Me A Better Investor?

“The research found that investors who participate in a pension had between a 0.5%-1.25% higher annual return on their personal investments

The Biggest Risk for Early Retirees

Is the FIRE community Under Estimating Their “personal inflation rate”?

It’s Expensive to be a Canadian Investor

my options as a Canadian Investing in U.S ETF’s are to pay 2% currency conversion fees OR pay twice the expense ratio and give away a portio

The Real Reason Millennials are Burnt Out

While there are real challenges facing younger people, how we perceive our own situation might have the greatest impact.

Working from Home, the Case for and Against

What happens when you remove the separation between work life and home life

3 Strategies to get out of Debt in 2019

Make 2019 the year you kick your debt to the curb.

Financially Planning for our First Child

How my wife and I plan on replacing her income while she is on Maternity leave

2018 Was A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year For Investors

2018 was a sea of Red. There was virtually nowhere Investors could put their money and avoid a loss.

My 4-night Roundtrip to NYC for $308.82

How to work customer service.

This is the Simplest Investing Strategy you’ll ever Find

An investment plan for people who HATE thinking about finance and investing.

Are we in a Bear Market?

Covering off the characteristics of a bear market and why you should avoid panic investment decisions

The right (And wrong) way to ask for a raise this year.

Remember why you get paid (It’s not for your time)

Building Wealth One House at a Time: Reviewing a Classic Real Estate Investment Book

I think this book should be mandatory reading for people considering investing in real estate.

Achieving Financial Independence While Serving in the Military

How one man used Real Estate to achieve Financial Independence while serving in active duty with the military.

How to Embrace more Risk in 2019

The opportunity cost of avoiding risk.