A Purple Life


The Benefits Of Urban Neighbors

Growing up I never had real ‘neighbors’ – people you lean on and hang out with and form a community with.

15 Months To Retirement: Exploring The Many Different Kinds Of Stress

I’ve found myself slipping on my goals recently – specifically my food goals.

How To Stay Motivated On The Path To Financial Independence

If you’re on the road to financial Independence, you’ve encountered this unfortunate, but undeniable truth: It’s a long and tedious slog.

16 Months To Retirement: Discovering Cracks In My Favorite Company

“You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

That Time I Resisted Going To The Doctor Like An Idiot

I sat up abruptly in bed and started coughing into the mountain of tissues I now routinely kept on my nightstand.

Yes, We Have Separate Comforters

I seem to be on a ‘buck the trend’ kick lately.

17 Months To Retirement: An Apartment Update

There are a few aspects of our life that are up in the air and don’t allow me to plan my first few months of retirement with granular detail

How To Negotiate With A Spendy Partner Or Family Member

I have a dilemma and I was hoping you could help me figure out the best solution.

How To Teach A Curious Friend About Financial Independence

Throughout the years, dozens of people have asked me to explain financial independence and how I’m retiring at 30.

The Benefits of Alternative Schooling

As you might have noticed: I’m a stone cold weirdo and I suspect that the unique variety of schools I attended has something to do with why.

Q1 2019 Budget Check-In

See how I’m living on $1,388 a month in Seattle!

How Blogging Helped Me Appreciate My Profession

When I started working in ad agencies right out of college, I believed that their goal was to help get the word out about awesome products.

I Haven’t Sacrificed Anything On The Road To Financial Independence

I keep getting this question from people outside the FIRE community: “What have you sacrificed to try and achieve this goal?”

Costa Rica: A Cheat Sheet

As you might know, I’m a super nerd. Before I visit a country I write up a short dossier with quick information people need to know.

Testing My Early Retirement Schedule

A common response when hearing my early retirement plans is to ask why I don’t just insert the life I want to lead in retirement into NOW.

What Does “A Purple Life” Mean?

There is an idea in The Matrix that I find almost as interesting as the film’s main premise. It’s the idea of a “Residual Self Image.”

Why I’m Never Getting Married

My partner and I recently celebrated a decade of being together and with Valentine’s Day nearby I think it’s time to discuss a hard topic.

Lessons Learned From My First Dry January

At the end of every year I analyze all the data I’ve collected the past 12 months to decide if I should make any changes moving forward.

My First Podcast Interview: The FIRE Drill Podcast

Despite being a client service person in the marketing industry, I’m terrified of any form of public speaking.

How I Made Six Figures By 27

It turns out that advertising and marketing are some of the few industries that don’t require specialized skills, but can make you BANK.

How I Survived 6 Months Of Public Blogging

Of course I’m not being overdramatic – ME?! 😉 But yes – shock of shocks I’m still here!

How I Spend $125 A Month On Groceries

After publishing my 2018 spending a few people have asked me what exactly I buy and eat to hit that spending level.

My 2018 Financial Recap

Also known as every dollar I didn’t spend in 2018!

Every Dollar I Spent In 2018

2018 has come to an end. Let’s see how I did with my goal to decrease my spending from $18,436.60 last year to $18,360!

2018 Goals & Accomplishments

The last few years I’ve started to record non-monetary goals and accomplishments.