August 8, 2019

A New Planner Won’t Change Your Life (Becoming Minimalist) – “Planners are not bad, exercise bikes are not unnecessary, and not every juicer goes unused. Sometimes these items are valuable tools. But if we fall into the trap of believing buying something new is going to magically transform us, we are mistaken.”


Did These Flip-Flops Lead Us to Financial Freedom? (Route to Retire) – “Wearing old shoes doesn’t make a person a millionaire.  But I think it set the tone in our own path to financial freedom.”


Doing Nothing in Retirement Is Okay (Root of Good) – “You can think of me as an expert in the art of doing nothing. I am the anti-Tony Robbins; an unproductivity guru. A role model bearing the message that doing nothing is okay – no apology required. “

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