August 7, 2019

A Life Well Lived (The Simple Dollar) – “When I look ahead at the life I have yet to live and I ask myself whether I’d rather have a house full of stuff or a life full of good memories and great relationships, I want the latter, and it’s not even a question.”


The Investor Class & The Working Class (Done by Forty) – “The very idea of financial independence is based on moving from the working class to an investor class. We start out working for money, but eventually we get some assets that start working for us. The pile of assets eventually gets so big that the quaint idea of working for money becomes entirely optional…”


Should We Employ Our Own Kids? (and How Much to Pay Them) (Mr. Money Mustache) – There is a fine line between giving your kids a helpful boost, and “helping” them so much that you distort their view of the world and create a generation of Whining Complainypants Adults.

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