August 23, 2019

People Don’t Notice Your Purchases as Much as You Think (Humble Dollar) – “If I come home with a new Mercedes, my neighbors probably won’t notice and, if they do, they probably won’t care. This, I think, is liberating. If you’re stretching yourself financially to gain social acceptance, there’s no point since most people won’t notice anyway.”


How You Can Trick Yourself Into Trying to Beat the Market (Of Dollars and Data) – “Being smart doesn’t imply that you will be a good stock picker, but it does imply that you could be susceptible to believing so.”


A case study in opportunity costs and conscious spending (Get Rich Slowly) – J.D. Roth shares a personal case study on deciding whether or not to continue buying season tickets to the Portland Timbers – a professional soccer team whose organization increases ticket prices by 7.44% per year, on average.

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