August 19, 2019

It’s Hard to Think Long-Term (The Irrelevant Investor) – “You don’t dig up a young tree every time it storms. It needs time to grow. The roots can handle wind and rain and thunder. Likewise, a diversified portfolio needs time to grow, and can also withstand some discomfort.”


A tweetstorm explanation of the inverted yield curve (Heidi N. Moore) – The inverted yield curve is making its rounds in the major financial news outlets, yet few people actually understand what it means or why it’s significant. This tweetstorm provides a plain-language explanation.


Visualizing the 25 least expensive U.S. cities to live in (Yahoo! Finance) – New research ranked the top 25 least expensive U.S. cities based on a cost of living index. No cities west of Amarillo, Texas, made the list.

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