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Young Debt-Free Families (#6): Featuring Millionaire Dojo

Young debt-free families is an interview series by Financial Pilgrimage. This week we are featuring a story from Nathan at Millionaire Dojo.

Van Life: The Economics and Trade-Offs

There’s Instagram hashtags, then there’s reality. Does life on the road pay out?

8 Simple Steps To Pay Off Debt on a Teacher’s Salary

The inspiring story of how a school counselor paid off $42K in student loans in less than 3 years!

What is currency inflation? How to fight it?

Currency inflation means that your money is worth less every year, how can you fight it?

30+ of the Best Weekend Jobs to Make Extra Money

Pros and cons listed for many different ways to make money on the weekend, without impacting your full-time job.

The Essential Wealth Building Habits For A Better Financial Future

If you are looking to be financially set in the near future, these are the essential wealth building habits you need to focus on.

Apply This Championship NFL Defensive Strategy to Your Money

The Patriots have won six NFL titles by doing one thing consistently well. Can you use this key defensive strategy to control your spending?

The frugal gene bypassed me – my struggle with fugality

My parents and grandparents were frugal. I am not. Why do I struggle with frugality? How can I overcome it?

Is a College Education Worth It?

There’s been much debate over whether the cost of college is worth it. Find out more in our analysis of college’s pros and cons.

5 Personal Finance Lessons I Learned From My Mother’s Banking Career

My mother passed down these personal finance lessons to me based on her 30+ years career at the bank. Now I’m sharing them with you!

The Ten Benefits Of Reading Books And Why You Should Start If You Haven’t

The Ten Benefits Of Reading Books And Why You Should Start If You Haven’t

Real Estate Tips For Buyers and Sellers

See an excellent compilation of real estate articles to help buyers and sellers make sound decisions.

How to Save Money and The Earth at the Same Time

To have purpose with your money means leaving a lasting legacy for others to enjoy this great planet that we all get to share as one.

What’s the big deal about Frugal Vs Cheap?

What difference does it make? Your quality of life will change for the better once you get the hang of it.

100 Frugal Ideas To Enjoy Life to the Fullest

Find 100 great ideas to enjoy life frugally. Make your life meaningful for yourself and others.

Sunday Sharing Vol 35

This week’s best posts!

Investment Fees: Is Your Portfolio Being Feasted Upon?

What many investors don’t realize is that what was depicted in the movie ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ is frighteningly close to reality.

Don’t Make These Expensive Mistakes When You Buy A Home!

The home buying process can be stressful. Don’t make it worse by making these expensive mistakes!

5 Tips For Picking an Excellent Real Estate Agent

See five great tips for picking a real estate agent when selling a home. The agent you choose will have an impact on your success.

19 Small Business Ideas To Make Extra Money!

Check out these 19 small business ideas to make extra money. Each requires very little money to start up!

How Much Is Healthcare In Retirement?

Healthcare is much more expensive than you may realize. This creates a problem for the FIRE community.