February 20, 2020

The Role Personal Finance Plays in Your Life (The Simple Dollar) – “Ordinary small spending decisions really do connect to the big things you want out of life.”


The 10 Best Cities to Move to in the U.S. Right Now (Curbed) – Ten cities that offer good cost of living relative to incomes and general lifestyle.


Personal Finance Explained in Video Game Lingo (The Woke Salaryman) – An entertaining article that explains how to think about personal finance in terms of DOTA – a popular video game.

February 19, 2020

The Getting Rich Quadrant (Safal Niveshak) – A neat quadrant that illustrates how you can get rich, based on income and spending.


Small Is Beautiful (Humble Dollar) – On the financial benefits of living in a small space.


The Biggest Wealth Levers (A Wealth of Common Sense) – There are four big “levers” you can pull to change your wealth situation – your income, your spending, your housing, and your transportation costs.

February 18, 2020

How Important is Work? (Scott Young) – Scott Young, author of Ultralearning, examines the role that work plays in a meaningful life.


ABCs of Wealth (Triple Bottom Line FI) – Vicki Robin shares the ABCs of wealth – abilities, belonging, and community.


I (Sort Of) Quit My Job (Clipping Chains) – Mr. Clipping Chains shares some exciting personal news about stepping away from regular work.

February 17, 2020

Money or Wealth (Nat Eliason) – “You can have work that is high in wealth creation or work that is high in income generation, and typically they’re different kinds of work, but both are worth having.”


Be a Fast Tortoise (RadReads) – Often to get what you want in life you need to pace yourself while still being heroically consistent.


One Portfolio Risk To Rule Them All (Movement Capital) – Practical ways to reduce sequence of return risk.

February 14, 2020

Reaching Financial Independence While Balancing a Professional and Personal Life (Passive Income M.D.) – The founder of WealthyDoc shares how he balances work as a physician part-time, while blogging and prioritizing health, happiness and family all on the road to financial independence.


Do Bonds Really Belong in Retirement Accounts? (Early Retirement Now) – A deep-dive analysis that looks at whether or not bonds should actually belong in your retirement account.


How to Combat the Mental Struggle of Saving Money (Cash for Tacos) – Helpful suggestions on how to make saving money an easier mental task.

February 10, 2020

Money Is the Megaphone of Identity (More To That) – “Money is not something you own, it’s something you have a relationship with. And just like the people you choose to have around you, it’s a bond that is shaped with intention and care.”


On redistributing retirement throughout your life (Humble Dollar) – “Traditionally, retirement was a 30-year period following a 40-year working career. But what if you were able to redistribute some of those 30 years? What if you could pull forward those future activities that you’re excited about and enjoy them now or in the near future?”


On handling short-term stock market volatility (The Human Advisor) – On the importance of keeping your long-term goals in mind when the stock market is behaving erratically in the short-term.