December 6, 2019

How We Evaluate Expensive Purchases (Frugalwoods) – Mrs. Frugalwoods shares her thought process behind evaluating expensive purchases.


Why Child Care Is So Ridiculously Expensive (The Atlantic) – Three broad reasons obtaining care for kids now costs as much as buying a brand new Hyundai Elantra each year.


How Much Money Can You Make on Airbnb? (Rethink The Rat Race) – A real-life example of one couple who has set up a successful Airbnb and earns recurring revenue from it each month.

December 5, 2019

How to Manage Two Successful Businesses (and Why One Wasn’t Enough) (Afford Anything) – Julia Kelly shares how she’s able to be a full-time entrepreneur through running two successful businesses.


How much can we earn in retirement without paying federal income taxes? (Early Retirement Now) – Big ERN shares the numbers behind how much you could technically earn in retirement without paying any federal income taxes.


Is Freelance Writing Sustainable? (My Debt Epiphany) – Freelance writing is an enticing profession that offers freedom and flexibility, but is it actually sustainable? This interview with one woman who has been a freelance writer for almost 15 years now sheds some light on the topic.

December 4, 2019

Financial Changes Around Here (Waffles on Wednesday) – An interesting look at how one couple has shifted around their asset allocation to ensure their money doesn’t run out in retirement.


Waiting for Patience (Mr. Tako Escapes) – “If I’ve learned anything over the years it’s to not meddle with my investments.  I try to invest and then take my hands off the wheel… for 10 or more years.”


Living In A Land Of Infinite Possibilities (1500 Days) – Alan Donegan shares how he went from getting fired from a day job to eventually becoming a millionaire.

December 3, 2019

10 things that changed after attending Chautauqua (Cutting Through Chaos) – 10 things that changed in one family’s life after attending the financial conference known as “Chautauqua.”


Are We Happier When We’re Uncomfortable? (The Frug) – Oddly enough, the key to a happier life could be to add in a bit more discomfort.


The Case Against “No-Spend” Days (A Dime Saved) – No-spend days might be effective for not spending money in the short-term, but they don’t offer a lasting strategy for altering your finances.

December 2, 2019

The Fundamental Law of Lifestyle Inflation (Your Brain on Stocks) – “If the fundamental law of road congestion is that new roads create new drivers, then the fundamental law of lifestyle inflation is that more money creates more desire. “


Your Are NOT Your Net Worth (Pete The Planner) – “You are much more than numbers in an app or transactions in an account. Sure, these two things are reflective of your previous decisions and actions, but they are not you.


More Is Never Enough (Ramp Capital) – Gratitude can bring you more joy than most new material possessions.