Collecting Wisdom

Collecting the best personal finance articles around the web.

Two Paths to Doubling Your Income

Should you change companies frequently to make more money or stick it out with one employer for a long time to cash in?

How to retire off of a Starbucks latte

Every morning around the country coffee-fanatics line up in droves, waiting for that favorite cup of Joe. Not only can the wait be long, but

Sunday Sharing Vol 31

This week’s best posts!

Inspiring Reads: March 2019

This month I was inspired by readings about decisions we make in our career, doing meaningful work and, of course, pursuing FI.

Route 2 FI Interview series – #3 A Purple Life

Want to know @APurpleLifeBlog a little better?

Read my interview with her here!

Are High Efficency Appliances Worth it? – Sometimes

Efficiency can be expensive and end up costing you more money than you might save.

More 5G Cell Network News and Internet Service Implicactions

I am really starting to get excited about the idea that we might actually, finally, get competition back in the ISP market.

The Pros and Cons of Short selling

Looking to invest in the stock market? I address what short selling is and the pros and cons of it. Check it out here!

7 Books New Investors Must Read

Learning to invest can be a daunting task. These 7 books will surely help you though! Check them out here!

Equal Weight Index Funds Overview

Learn about equal weight index funds and if they are superior to their popular market cap weighted counterparts.

Big Pharma for the Long Haul….the Very Long Haul…

In this world of constant change, one thing seems eternal: Big Pharma just keeps minting money. Many of the biggest names in American Pharm

The Rise of the Biotech Unicorn

What you need to know to make sure that you earn more than fantasy profits investing in Biotech Unicorn companies…

How to Save Money For a Home Down Payment

See how you can save money for a down payment to purchase your first home at Realty Biz News.

The 4 Kinds of Side Businesses You Can Start

Justin Mares outlines the four kinds of side businesses you can start to increase your income.

Courageous FIRE

No matter how successful I became in my career, I always felt there was a part of me that wasn’t good enough. This led to overspending.

Should I buy a home or keep renting?

The benefits and risks of renting a house or buying a home.

Habits of Successful People

Here are five habits of successful people that you should develop if you desire a life of success!

Frugal Living: 26 Tips to Live Big on a Small Budget

Living frugally is all about finding creative ways to save money and living a more sustainable life. Read some of my favorite tips!

Why I’m Giving Up

Giving up often gets a bad wrap. But being individuals, we can only do so much. There are toxic behaviors that have held me back.

A Complete List of all of my Failures

Yes, I wrote down all of the times I have failed in my life.

8 Important Lessons from Cait Flanders in The Year of Less

Lessons learned from reading The Year of Less by Cait Flanders.

When Spending Money Equals Happiness

An excellent example of how certain expenditures can increase happiness and quality of life.

Free Solo and Pursuing FIRE

Pursuing FIRE can seem like an impossible task. The Free Solo documentary can teach us how to tackle hard financial problems.

February Financial Report

Added new platforms and increased stake in old ones.