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Collecting the best personal finance articles around the web.

The Non-Frugal Guide to FI

Okay, all you non-penny pinchers. This post’s for you!

Pros and Cons of Downsizing Your Home

It was the biggest anchor in our FI journey. We finally decided to sell the home we love after making this list.

Job Security: Our Catalyst to Financial Independence

What’s lurking under the surface that could force a change in your life?

The Five Personal Finance Lessons $50,000+ of Debt Taught Me

After accumulating five figures of student loan, car, and credit card debt, there were a few personal finance lessons that I learned.

25 In-Demand Freelance Services to Offer

Offering a service is a great way to make money, and this post highlights many of the best options.

Financial Independence: The Ability To Go In And Out Of Situations

Financial independence is not a certain amount of money saved or a specific point in time.

Rather it is a continuum.

The Ultimate Guide to House Sitting Jobs: Part 1 | What Is House Sitting & Is It For You?

House sitting jobs are a wonderful way to travel the world on a budget & experience different cultures in a way most tourists simply can’t.

Hotel Tips and Hacks for the Digital Nomad and Long-Term Traveler

Traveling as a digital nomad, remote worker, or long-term traveler means that hotels become your home & your office.

Award Travel | Category 1, 2, & 3 Hotel Maps: Hilton, Radisson, Marriott/SPG, Hyatt

We couldn’t find maps of hotels broken down by their categories for award travel and point redemption, so we made our own!

Tips For Getting a Great Frugal Haircut While Traveling Long-Term

Since we’re traveling frugally, we’re not walking into just any salon or barbershop. We’re always on the search for the best value.

The Best Financial Blogs to Achieve Financial Independence, Retire Early (FI/RE)

The choices we made to live frugally are powered by the pursuit of personal growth, the love of travel, & a desire to achieve FI/RE.

11 Tips to Save Money When Flying Budget European Airlines

We’ve enjoyed our fair share of $30-$50 flights around Europe and have learned a few lessons on saving money.

10 Provocative FIRE (financial independence, retire early) blogs You Must Read

Updated for 2019, my Top 10 list of Most Provocative and Influential FIRE (financial independence, retire early) Blogs You Must Read

Cheap Alternatives to Hotels: Save Money On Lodging!

There are plenty of options for inexpensive lodging and accommodations. And it’s not limited to just hostels.

City Guide to London, UK: Part 3 | Must See Attractions & City Cards

Want to travel while pursuing FI/RE?

Checkout our full review of the London Pass and read how it helped us save nearly $1,000 as a couple!

City Guide to London, UK: Part 2 | Must See Attractions & City Cards

Want to travel while pursuing FI/RE ?

Save money in London by using the Explorer Pass, the The London Pass, or National Rail’s 2FOR1 deals.

Top Tips to Save Money on Food and Supplies When Traveling

Traveling doesn’t have to break the bank! See how you can save money on your food budget, whether you’re in a hotel, Airbnb, or house sit.

80/20 (Pareto’s Principle)

How to utilize the 80/20 rule in your daily life to make the most of your money (FI/RE), effort, and decisions.

San Diego to Dublin for Under $70 Each!

Travel hacking at its finest!

Our out of pocket cost per ticket was under $60 all inclusive (taxes, fees and fuel surcharges).

How to Use Less and Still Live Comfortably

Using less stuff has a multitude of ancillary benefits and there’s typically a butterfly effect.