Collecting Wisdom

Collecting the best personal finance articles around the web.

Simple Steps for Better Health

As a Health Psychologist, I wholeheartedly believe that exercise is one of the best medicines for the body and the mind.

How to Make Your Significant Other Hate FIRE

Some tried-and-true methods to get them to stop listening to you, ignore all of your advice, and make them second guess being with you

15 Dave Ramsey Tips That Will Change Your Life – With Video

These 15 Dave Ramsey tips helped us pay over $200,000 in debt. Now we are moving very fast to financial independence. Don’t miss out!!

How to Teach Kids About Money (At Every Age)

Your kids pay attention to how you handle money. What are you teaching them?

The Richest Man In Babylon Summary In 10 minutes Or Less {2019}

The Richest Man In Babylon is probably the most important personal finance book in history. This is the best summary out there.

50+ of the Best Personal Finance Blogs You Should Be Following

A collection of the best blogs on saving money, investing, budgeting, and making money.

50+ Financial Freedom Quotes to Motivate and Inspire

Be inspired by these quotes from well-known people.

I Saved $10,000 in 4 Months

How I saved $10,000 in the first few months of my first job out of college.

Always Be Interviewing

The many benefits of continuously interviewing.

7 Creative, Powerful M1 Finance Examples

Here are some best M1 Finance Pies to help you invest your money.

Momentum Series Interview – Moneylogue: Empowering Your Mind To Financial Freedom

Excited to welcome Moneylogue to the Momentum Series today to chat personal finances, financial freedom, mindset, blogging and more.

Marginal utility and the pursuit of FI

The diminishing marginal utility of income is heavily discussed in FI. Applying the same idea to saving can make you happier.

How To Save Money On Contact Lenses

Comparing contact lens prices and finding the best deals has never been easier.

What Does “A Purple Life” Mean?

There is an idea in The Matrix that I find almost as interesting as the film’s main premise. It’s the idea of a “Residual Self Image.”

Dave Ramsey Is Outdated, Try Our 12 Toddler Steps To Financial Freedom

Have you heard of Dave Ramsey’s 7 baby steps to financial freedom? They are outdated. Check out the new school version.

How We Paid Off $340,000 Mortgage In 3 Years By Saving 86.5% Of Our Income

This couple paid off their $340,000 mortgage in 3 years. Thanks to their high savings rate. We can all learn a thing or two from them.

Allowing Dual Agency in Real Estate Could Cost You Serious Money

When buying or selling a home, you should never allow dual agency. When you agree to dual agency you Realtor no longer represents you.

Millionaire Interview 3 – Mark From TheRetirementSpt

The latest interview in my millionaire interview series.

9 Money Tips I Learned From Teaching High School

Here is a list of 9 tips about money that I got from teaching high school kids!

How I saved more than 50% on one Amazon purchase

Find out how I saved more than 50% on one Amazon purchase by having it delivered in another country!

Put More Money in Your Pocket By Picking The Best Real Estate Agent

Do you know who to go about picking the best real estate agent when selling your house? Find out at Active Rain to get more money.

5 Factors Before Buying a New Car

What are the key factors to consider before getting a new car!

Is an Annual Fee Credit Card Worth It?

Find out what you need to know to determine if you are opening the right credit card.

If I lost everything

thought experiment.
how I’d react to losing everything I have.